Summer officially arrives June 21st.  For now we are praying for relief from all the spring flooding, tornadoes, and other damages left by this unusual weather pattern.

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, trips and adventure. As a child, summers were always magical, weren’t they? Trips to the pool were endlessly fun, and going on a vacation seemed like the biggest source of excitement we could handle, especially if it was to an amusement park or the beach! We loved to sleep in, stay out playing with our friends and having BBQ’s. Summer was indeed magical.

As adults, the magic fades and summer doesn’t hold the excitement it once had. However, summer does provide a space in our lives for more time. We spend more time outside, relaxing and life just seems to have a different pace once summer comes around – a slower pace.

Which is great because summer is also an unbelievable opportunity to work on your relationship with God.  These last couple of paragraphs come from “Summer Christian Challenge”.  Here’s a link to check out.  It’s all free and a great way to stay as close to God as He is close to you during these slower months of the year.    HAPPY SUMMER!!!